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30 December 2009
Continue reading Ambient NRG and Electric Sufi (Video Edits by Adil Anwar):  Man & Technology (A Track and Message to End 2009)

Ambient NRG and Electric Sufi (Video Edits by Adil Anwar): Man & Technology (A Track and Message to End 2009)

Friends! Who am I?
Brothers! Who are you?
Companions! What is this reality?
My dears! What are these durations that every moment is dancing at the expense of annihilation?

What happened was at night time when the sky was glittering and the plane of stars was under the wings of these lights. A bright …

21 December 2009

Should be burning the iPod:
Hyperdub: 5 Years of Hyperdub

Chances are, if you like garage, grime, two step, dubstep, or any other genre involving bass-riddled, detective movie soundtrack qualitites, then 5 Years of Hyperdub was probably on your list of must-haves this year.  If you have no idea what I’m talking …

16 December 2009
Continue reading murmur DC Podcast:  Episode 11 – Rosario

murmur DC Podcast: Episode 11 – Rosario

This week’s murmur DC Podcast comes from our friend Rosario, who brings us a stripped down, virgin beat matching mix.  There are no added effects, just the pure skill of blending deep grooves with sultry vibes.
ROSARIO, just quietly moving through DC’s techno underground venues and after~ hours, emerges into the …

14 December 2009

Written by Joe Lambert
Seriously, who could’ve predicted mainstream America would dig this?  Seeing as how his show lasted a grand total of one half season, they didn’t.  Six years later, the big guy’s rapping.  If anything, 2009 will be remembered as the year Zach Galifianakis became a celebrity with his …

13 December 2009

Photos courtesy of Ryan Muir
Written by Nick Leitzke
We approach the end of 2009 ready to create best-of lists and dish accolades upon our favorite artists. As the end draws near, however, I am overcome with a sense of loss. Where did this year go? They say each year goes by …

12 December 2009

The Junior Boys have always provided us with an infusion of pop, house, and dark vocals. Their newest release, Begone Dull Care doesn’t disappoint. Their rise to notoriety is becoming recognized with songs like Parallel Lines.

11 December 2009

What better song for a Friday than Electric Jones’ Hot Natured. Electric Jones (aka Jamie Jones), from the UK, has released a few indie dance tracks on the Wolf + Lamb Label, which taps into some of his disco influences. Hot Natured has the fuel and fire to …

10 December 2009

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” Carl Sagan truly had a beautiful mind, and this song–which reached such popularity that Jack White released a 7-inch of it on his label, Third Man Records–is glistening proof. Chances are, you’ve …

9 December 2009

Kid Adrift is really making a splash over in the UK, earning a BBC rep and some Muse comparisons; the latter of which reveals itself to be quite disappointing, considering Kid Adrift is very good and very far away from being self-indulgent. He released an EP back in August …

8 December 2009

French artist, Vitalic released Flashmob, which carries his arousing mix of electro, techno, and indie dance. Poison Lips is one of the tracks that sticks out and smacks you in the face with its drive through the city lights appeal.

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