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Daniel Barojas’ Falling Whistles Necklace Line

One of our favorite artists in the area, the versatile Daniel Barojas, has collaborated with Falling Whistle to help the children in the Congo who are being put out on the front line.

Daniel Barojas explains:

“Falling Whistles is an organization that helps war-affected kids in the Congo.  The children, when they are too young to hold a gun, are sent to the front line with a whistle to spot on enemy locations.  This not only is extremely dangerous, but is also an abuse to these children. Falling Whistles sell their whistles as a symbol for peace, and asks you to become a whistle blower for peace by wearing your whistle and creating dialogue and spreading the message.

Falling Whistles provided the whistles and I provided all the jewelry  materials and put the jewelry line together myself.  The Falling Whistles & R5 jewelry line consists of  hematite beads, shell pearls, silver clasps and re-purposed bullets with  shell pearls on the tips.

I re-purposed the bullets also to use  something meant for weaponry and war, and place it into a different context with  perhaps a bit of added consciousness.

Falling Whistles is waiting for a unique retail opportunity in which to market this necklace line, no further news untill then.

My good friend Joey in NY was wearing one, who is close friends with Sean one of the main people running Falling Whistles.  After I made my initial necklace for myself, I sent pics to Joey who sent them to Sean and this is how the collaboration was born.”

For more information, visit:

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