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Raju Singh’s Bodies of Work

Raju Singh’s photography would be difficult to place in a single genre, as it can be considered both portraiture and landscape.  What makes his work unique is the fact that he’s able to imagine the human body as something beautiful in its simplistic curves.

Raju Singh:

“Taking” a picture ? No. I rather prefer the idea of “receiving” one, like a fragile and precious gift. This magic moment when all seems to be perfect cannot be achieved without the consent of one’s subject. Be it a landscape or a person. Going after such moments is the challenge … and the focus of my photography.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, from Indian and Belgian origin, I have been living for the past couple of years in Bethesda, MD. An essentially self-taught photographer, I have inherited the love of photography from my father. My work has been on display around the Washington area, at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, and has been featured in Best of Photography 2006.

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