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Vibrations In The Air: Summer Mixtape 2010

Written by Nick Leitzke

With one more month of unbearable humidity ahead of us and nearly two months of rest and relaxation behind us it is time to look back and reflect. Although truth be told my summer hasn’t borne much rest and relaxation. It was Homer Simpson who said, “When you get a job like me you’ll miss every summer.” As it is, I take a moment to reflect on my summer – my summer and its lack of writing. Murmur took a brief hiatus, and I took an even longer hiatus as one thing led to another. To make up for it I believe I owe everyone a mix.

This year’s summer mix is called “Vibrations In the Air Have to Come From Somewhere.” I set out assembling these songs back in May with modest determination. I had recently overdrawn my checking account for the millionth-ma-billionth time, after I spent two months under the impression that I was fiscally all right, and I’d be damned if I let the man keep me from having fun this summer.

The first half of these songs reflect that attitude. “Bankrobber” is the type of Clash you listen to while you grill barbecued pineapple hamburgers with your best friends Memorial Day weekend, and “To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have a Nice Time)” is the Jam reminding me I’m screwed. Then about halfway through May I had the worst week of my life. Anyone who follows Murmur or looks in the links will know what happened. The summer mix completely changed gears, and I let it go because you have to let the mix speak its own language. A mix is like a self-portrait of the person assembling it. How do you feel at a given moment? How does your music logically arrange itself in a way that best illustrates a few weeks in your life? This mix is what it is – two halves of time and space – and I love it. I hope you love it, too.

Vibrations In the Air Have To Come From Somewhere – Summer 2010

1) Bankrobber (Robber Dub) – the Clash

2) One By One – the Black Seeds

3) Mother Earth – Memphis Slim

4) Singer Songwriter – Okkervil River

5) Empty Heart – Wolf People

6) To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have A Nice Time) – the Jam

7) William It Was Really Nothing – the Smiths

Big Boys – Elvis Costello and the Attractions

9) The Mall and Misery – Broken Bells

10) The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out To Get Us! – Sufjan Stevens

11) Temptation Inside Your Heart – The Velvet Underground

12) Combat Rock – Sleater-Kinney

13) Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want the Truth – Minutemen

14) Planetary – Rainer Maria

15) Burn 2 Ash – Chad Van Gaalen

16) Start A War – the National

17) Functionality – Pylon

(It stinks that the song where I got this mix’s title has no videos on the internet. This is a short video of Pylon, the greatest of all Athens bands past and present. Go out and get ‘Gyrate’ right now.)

Posted by admin   @   5 August 2010

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