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Indie Music: Spring Mix Tape 1010

Written by Nick Leitzke

Illustration by Eric Pfeiffer

Spring. Rebirth. Rejuvenation. Thawing light at the end of an especially frosty tunnel these past few months. The strength of a good mix comes not from including songs you love but from listening to each song and understanding what needs to come next. A mix has its own language, and language develops in environment. Even in the midst of a bleak winter there remains hope for what comes next. Here are fifteen songs assembled in the glowing darkness of blizzard nights and pondered over while driving through the bland whiteout wonderland of afterward. Enjoy these songs with the knowledge that life is blossoming once again.

“Things Got Weird for a Bit” – Spring 2010

1) Breathing Tape – Little Claw

We couldn’t find this video on YouTube… sorry.

2) Riki Tiki Tavi (Acoustic) – Donovan

3) Out of the Blue – Julian Casablancas

4) Move to California – Times New Viking

5) The Last Song – Sleater-Kinney

6) Ball and Chain – Social Distortion

7) Boys Are Fine – Smith Westerns

8.) Black Coffee in Bed – Squeeze

9) The Jig Is Up – Quasi

10) The Neighbors – St. Vincent

11) 55 Hands Need to Cut Down – Melt-Banana

dum dum doo bee…?

12) Albatross – the Besnard Lakes

13) Didn’t Want to Know – Medication

14) Dark Globe – Syd Barrett

15) Stillness Is the Move – Dirty Projectors

Posted by admin   @   2 April 2010

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Apr 4, 2010
2:18 pm
#1 Nick Leitzke :

I think this might be the Melt-Banana song live. It’s hard to tell, the vocals are way down. But it speaks for itself. Things got WEIRD

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