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Photos: DMV Nude: Nude Photography Session/Mixer @ Moca Gallery

Photos by Duy Tran

In my experience working in DC, this is something completely new.  I recently have been involving myself in a film production crew to get back in the mode of film making process.  They way that this production has been bringing attention to themselves is by throwing events such as mixers, artist release parties, film festival, etc.  It’s a good active community.  The event took place at MOCA DC in Georgetown.

Anyway, let’s jump to the juicy details.  I felt like this is something out of a Kubrick movie or that I’ve been accepted into some bizarre exclusive club.  The gallery featured all nude art and photography that depicted erotic and near pornographic subject matter. A man with a beard and an eye patch introduces himself to me and tells about the studio and the workshops that go on here.  The models begin to disrobe and the nude photo sessions begin.  Where else do you have nude models walk about the event, free for me to take advantage of (in a good way).

There were a few other photographers grabbing some shots, but no one was really being assertive to help direct the models.  It was possible that it could have been kind of intimidating to be working with naked women in front of a large crowd overlooking your every move, just a little.  I was only suppose to be there to document the event, but since no one was really taking the opportunity I jumped in and started yelling and snapping away.

My only criticism was that the lighting was pretty horrible.  There were only one lit corner, the rest was dark.  So it was the only one little area I could shoot with sufficient lighting.  I wish that they had told me what was going to be available at this event, I would have brought my studio strobes.  But I made the best of it with what I had.

The models were beautiful.  One of the models was quite nervous, because she didn’t expect there to be more than one photographer and that there was going to be a crowd of people watching.  I struck up a conversation with her about art and art school.  After a while she felt a little more comfortable for me to photographer her.  I took her aside and we had a one on one session.  As I photographed her I could hear the echoing of shutter clicks behind me.

I left before the event ended because I drove there with a borrowed car and the other person needed to get to work by midnight.  So I leave you with an abrupt ending, exactly the way my night ended.

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Mar 24, 2010
7:03 pm

Great little summary Just wanted to let you know that the blonde with the tattoos in your photos is LiiLii, a local (but not for much longer) alternative model. Also the show that was on the walls at MOCA is the annual Erotica show that is held every year.


Mar 26, 2010
11:35 am

Really am mad that I was unable to attend this event. But with this being the first pictures I’ve seen from it, I must say that you did a very nice job. Especially when considering the lighting issue. I completely understand the feeling you must have had when you saw the place, not knowing about the lack of consistent light throughout the space.

Great job nonetheless. Enjoyed reading through your narration as well.

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