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In The Spotlight: Wolf + Lamb (Interview with Zev)

When we live in a world obsessed with genres and labels, it becomes gratifying to find artists that are willing to push the boundaries and produce a marketing nightmare.  The New York duo, Wolf + Lamb, do just that.  Formed by Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi, they create a sound that carries a unique blend of sounds and genres that keep their music exciting, while bringing people of different backgrounds and intrigue together.

Wolf + Lamb started their own self-titled label in 2005, which in just a few years has become recognized worldwide and unveiled special talents such as, Seth Troxler, Nicolas Jaar, Shaun Reeves, Soul Clap, and No Regular Play.  Instead of putting the music through a monotonous drone, they embrace the realm of personalities each DJ brings to the table.  This has become a rare commodity in today’s music business, which separates them from the pack.

With their heightened success, Wolf + Lamb remains quite modest.  They still play in smaller venues with a more intimate crowd.  They still take the time to answer questions for fans and play music that will always summon good times for everyone.  In the future, we look for more music from the guys, as they will be releasing a new album this spring, called “Love Someone.”

Interview with Zev by Scott Ahn

SA:  Hey Zev, I just want to start out by saying the last time I saw both you play, was in Washington, DC at Comet Ping-Pong, it was certainly one of the highlights of my 2009.  DC is a little behind in the EDM scene, but we’re starting to see a steady growth in enthusiasm.

ZE:  That was a pretty awesome night actually, we were  a little curious what kind of show can go on in the back of a pizza place and we’re surprised and delighted with the response and energy.

SA:  The first time I asked someone if they liked Wolf + Lamb, they thought I was referring to lunch.  Now when I ask the same question, I get an immediate response filled with enthusiasm.  Have you guys noticed in your own personal experiences, a change in the level of recognition wherever you play?

ZE:  Of course, since we started from empty parties in NY many years back and watched our crowd and recognition grow from all our friends to a healthy NY following and more recently, a more worldwide recognition.

SA:  Has a bigger following now, opened up more avenues to things you weren’t able to do when Wolf + Lamb was first starting out?

ZE:  Not really, the artists that the label is built on keep us well stocked with releases so we haven’t really expanded in that sense.  Also, though larger venues are an option, because of our more sultry sound, we still lean towards smaller, more intimate parties.

SA:  What is the story behind the name Wolf + Lamb?

ZE:  We tried djing in New York as Gadi & Zev, Zev & Gadi, nothing really stuck, Gadi came up with it one day, called me and pointed out that our names mean “wolf” and “lamb” in Hebrew, so we started slapping it on everything, and the rest is history.

SA:  What’s especially exciting for me is after listening to your individual sets, then listening to Wolf + Lamb as a duo, and hearing the two unique personalities combine and become it’s own persona.  Will you guys in the future continue playing predominantly as a duo, or will you both delve into your own musics, where there may not be as many restrictions?

ZE:  We go in waves, right now we’re developing our solo personalities a bit more. Gadi’s been touring solo and I’ve been playing solo as well.  The more we develop our solo personalities, the more exciting the duo seems to get when we get back and play or produce together. We just finished up an album together coming out in the spring time and we’re enjoying some time alone in the studio or with other artists.

SA:  Here in the audience, we always see the transformations our favorite artists endure throughout the years.  Have you seen a transformation in the audience?

ZE:  It completely changed at some point, we shifted towards the warmer, more soulful side of things, and a big chunk of our New York crowd disappeared in search of more minimal parties.  As artists, as a label, we go with the wind and what’s beckoning us, sometimes it’s drastic and the crowd reflects that change as well.

SA:  The tracks that are released on the Wolf + Lamb label are very diverse and eclectic, almost seeming like there’s an “anything goes” approach to what’s released.  However, the label holds a certain level of quality.  Are you guys looking for a certain characteristic in the music for the label?

ZE:  Not really, Gadi does most of the programming for the label and encourages everyone to get silly since we’re libel to take anything that sounds interesting and original. The sound of the label comes from the only criteria for release being quality, originality and whether Gadi and I think it’s ready for the label.

SA:  What kind of aspirations/plans is there for Wolf + Lamb for not only the new year, but new decade?

ZE:  We’re really by the cuff kind of people, sometimes we plan but not for too far ahead, the label and our group is the artistic side of our lives and neither of us have any idea what’s going to come next.

SA:  Are there any tips you may have for young DJs who some day hope to have the kind of success and fun you guys have?

ZE:  Just do things, keep at it and be patient. But don’t expect anything to happen if you don’t have anything interesting or original.

To learn more about Wolf + Lamb, visit:

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