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Filmmakers Today: 12 Movie Shorts from Affordable Cameras

There may not have been a time when technological advances and artistic creation bonded so well, and to adhere to both needs than today.  With each new breakthrough in technology, we see infinite possibilities on what it can accomplish.  This leads me to point out the incredible tools that have surfaced within the past few years, the digital SLR.  Not only have we created a tool that makes photography a lot more convenient and accessible, it’s also become a lot more versatile.  With the sudden releases of the Nikon D90, Nikon D300s, Canon 5D Mark II, and Canon 7D, these photography driven machines now carry the capacity to shoot professional quality HD video.

Film making was once an overwhelming field that many people were intimidated by with the need for financial backing, a crew of highly trained individuals, producers, actors, props, angles, light, etc.  Now with these affordable photo/video camera hybrids, a steady rise of intriguing and inspiring films are gaining notice.

Posted by admin   @   8 February 2010
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