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Krissy Downing Suspends Our Sensory Perception: Abstract Painting Series

Going through our conscious state day by day, we perceive shapes and forms on a regular basis.  However, artists like Krissy Downing brings a strong talent that reasserts our awareness and defines our existence.  Her paintings examine the transition between sleep and awake when fantasy meets reality.  The paintings can feel both haunting and sweet in one stroke of affluent motion, yet carries a sense of consistency that we can all recognize.

In her artist statement she states:

“My abstract paintings delve into interpretations of musical works, not just by way of the “light” or “mood” that a musical work conveys emotionally but also through the basic connections of sound waves to color, or rhythm and motivic structure to plot points on a two-dimensional canvas. My more surreal and skewed-perspective pieces depict the strange and whimsical life-forms, environments and moods that I encounter in my own personal gray space just before I wake.”

Krissy Downing is a Washington, DC based painter who was self-taught from her days in Seattle, WA.  Her resume is quite impressive as she’s earned a total of 5 college degrees, and also writes music for independent films, plays violin for a local Gothic-Americana/Folk Noir Rock band called American Sinner , owns a record label in Seattle called Qrissy, and works as a graphic designer for a global risk management firm.

To view more of Krissy Downing’s work, visit:


Child In Branches




Hand Plant

Needle Threader


Silly Blue


Sushi Dude

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Jan 22, 2010
3:14 am
#1 duy tran :

Whoaa…. so … ugh…. trippy…..

May 27, 2010
12:01 pm
#2 Barry :

LOVE this artist. I’ve seen her work but didn’t know anything about her. Thanks!

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