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Ambient NRG and Electric Sufi (Video Edits by Adil Anwar): Man & Technology (A Track and Message to End 2009)


Friends! Who am I?

Brothers! Who are you?

Companions! What is this reality?

My dears! What are these durations that every moment is dancing at the expense of annihilation?

What happened was at night time when the sky was glittering and the plane of stars was under the wings of these lights. A bright star was approaching an unknown destination. Every hour the star progressed bit by bit from its initial position. After traveling through the night, this radiant star departed from the east and made its new home in the west.

I could not tell if the earth was moving or the luminous star was in motion. The entire chapter of the night had only one theme and that this star resides in the west and daylight now covers it. It is evident that the star will travel all day and we will find it at the same place where we picked it up after dusk the previous night. The cycle continues.

How the stars and the earth are in orbit, similarly every particle in the universe is mobile in this manner. Mankind for whom this entire universe has been breathed with life is also mobile and transforming due to the inner movements of feelings and emotions. Every moment is past and past is annihilated. The very essence of annihilation is in fact a period. If there is no end then the topic of an interval is pointless. An infant who spends his infant age sucking on his thumb passes through the moment of eradication, with this ending childhood comes into existence. This indicates the end of infant age, which leads us into childhood and childhood goes through extinction and enters into adulthood and the obliteration of adulthood into an elderly age which ends and we are born in another reality. It is a process that goes on.

How childhood dies and gives birth to adulthood and death overtakes adulthood to create old age, similarly the night and day are dying and coming alive in this universe. Correspondingly if a man wants, he can limit his life to a few years or extend it to hundred years, which is the case of the life of this reality.

Today wherever we look technology leaves us in shock and awe! It creates absolute sadness in me when I see the world’s duration being reduced due to the fake happy net of human advancement. The earth is sick as if cancer cells have killed its childhood and obliterated it directly into a very sick old age, where it pleads to its creator for mercy for itself and its creator. But there is not one ear that can listen to its sad, soul weeping voice.

To outclass each other man has created a society that constantly thrives to outstrip itself. They have created weapons that have been befriended by the angel of death and these tools are the shovel for the graveyard of 6.7 billion people. Once something like this exists it becomes a necessity! In today’s day and age it has become so easy to create an atom bomb that personnel of a few hundred people can create one in a small factory.

An ease in weapons manufacturing and distribution has created a fantastic avenue for countries to acquire them with minimum effort. Those days aren’t far away when many countries will have stockpiled atom bombs which they wouldn’t hesitate to press the trigger of if the two neighbors were to get in a war.

My friends! What good is such technology that has brought us closer to war and we have made volcano our prophecy.

Finally a day will come when this flow of technology will stop. It has happened before and it will continue to happen. Past civilizations were mesmerized with the annihilation and birth formula. They were lifted from this earth and today they are no where to be found. Please think where we are headed. Death is chasing us and we are calling it technology and advancement in human civilization; we are living in such denial. This is the result of our own actions and at the end we will be responsible for our own death.

I leave you with this beautiful verse from the Quran:
Chapter 30, Surah 99 (Al zilzal “The EarthQuake”)
Verse 1-4
“When the earth is shaken as its shaking is appointed. And the earth throws out its burden. And man says, ‘what happened to her’? That day it shall narrate all its news.”
Verse 7-8
“Whosoever has done good of an atom’s weight shall see it.”
“Whosoever has done evil of an atom’s weight shall see it.”

Song: Man & Technology
Album: Man & Technology EP
Artist: Ambient NRG and Electric Sufi.
Video: Adil Anwar
Special Thanks To: Jubilee Mo
Produced By: 202 Studios, 2009

Old Hands photo courtesy of Ronn Aldaman (

Post Image courtesy of Jason Milliron (

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Dec 30, 2009
12:57 pm
#1 :

Please wake up and see what’s happening in the world!

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