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Looking Back: The 20 Most Memorable Film Scenes of the Decade

The 2000s probably won’t be considered the most important decade in film and cinematic history, yet we shouldn’t undermine some of the ground breaking performances that made us all weep, cheer, laugh, and possibly become violent.  Some of the performances and productions will be admired for years to come, as we are suckers for witnessing our very emotions portrayed in exaggerated settings.  Movies will continue to be a part of society, and portrays a strong understanding of what life is like during those times.

In creating this scattered list of memorable film scenes, I imagine there are a few that were overlooked.  There are no Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter scenes because it felt cliche, which is what we hate the most in movies anyways.

As we say farewell to the 2000s, we look back at some of the most memorable film scenes.

Almost Famous: Tiny Dancer on the Bus

When the movie band, Stillwater, becomes burnt out from… being a band and are stuck on a long bus ride with each other, they begin to realize why they’re doing what they’re doing in the first place.  The whole bus sings the lyrics to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer, and we realize that with all the complications that come with being in a rock band, the fundamental nature of music still remains simple.

No Country For Old Men: Coin Toss

There may not be a more haunting scene than the coin toss scene, which determines whether or not the gas station employee lives or dies.  The idea that your life is dependent on a single coin toss should bring shivers to your spine.

O’ Brother Where Art Thou: Man of Constant Sorrow

Not only is it a catchy song, but it reminds us of America’s music roots.

Pan’s Labryinth: Underground Dinner

In an extremely chilling movie, a child’s temptation stirs trouble.

Lost in Translation: Bob Harris Singing Karaoke

Bob Harris’ misguided visit in Tokyo turns into a soul search when he meets Charlotte.  His karaoke scene is one of the defining moments in the movie as he gives his intoxicated version of More Than This, signifying hope for his life.

Mulholland Drive:  Rebekah Del Rio Crying Llorando

In a turning point in this complex, neo-noir film by David Lynch, Betty Elms and Rita view a haunting performance by Rebekah Del Rio, who collapses on stage as her voice carries on.  Although disputable, it may be symbolic of the harsh realization of what’s fantasy and what’s real.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Joel’s Final Memory of Clementine

In this bittersweet scene, Joel finds himself in the last memory of his impassioned ex-love, Clementine, before it gets erased and he loses her forever (?).

Dancer in the Dark:  I’ve Seen It All

Selma is trying to convince her suitor, Jeff, that she isn’t bothered by the fact she is going blind.  However, you get a sense that Selma is trying to convince herself as well, that she won’t be affected by this awful truth.

Kill Bill 1: The Bride vs. Crazy 88’s

Quentin Tarantino’s version of a full out, martial arts scene puts everything on the table.  This scene could be cut up into a handful of action packed segments that could carry on their own.

Donnie Darko: Donnie Meets Frank

A giant rabbit with a pierced eye reading off the countdown to your impending doom.  Need I say more?

Gangs of New York: Bill The Butcher

Bill The Butcher confronts Amsterdam at his bedside.  Amsterdam wakes up to this most intimidating character with an American flag draped around him and a sharp glare.

Requiem For A Dream:  Destruction of Sarah Goldfarb

Sarah Goldfarb becomes addicted to speed, prescribed to her as diet pills.  This character you can’t help but feel sorry for, encounters insanity while trying to obtain what we all vie for… happiness.

Little Miss Sunshine:  Super Freak!

Olive in her cute, yet chubby form, enters a beauty contest and performs Super Freak, which turns into a family dance off.

There Will Be Blood:  I Drink Your Milkshake!

Daniel Plainview gets revenge on Eli, by forcing the young priest to say, “I am a false prophet.  God is a superstition.”

City of God:  Chicken Chase

A Brazilian gang chases a chicken all over town until it stops before a boy named Rocket.  This sets the tone for an intense movie.

Children of Men:  Renegade Ambush

What starts out as playful dialogue, turns sour as the group is ambushed by renegades.  Is there a scene that can make you laugh then scream in anger within a span of a few seconds than this one?

The Royal Tenenbaums:  Awkward Kiss

Richie Tenenbaum reveals his hidden love to his adopted sister, Margot.  This moment is both very awkward, yet the play of vibrant color (a staple in Wes Anderson’s films), creates a light, playful feel to it and makes it almost seem ok… almost.

American Psycho:  Sweating Over Business Cards

Patrick Bateman begins sweating over his colleagues’ finer business cards.

High Fidelity:  Middle Aged Square Guy Day

Barry defines the stereotypical record shop employee as he rips on a middle-aged man who is trying to buy an album for his

Dark Knight:  Disappearing Pencil Trick

By far the best performance of The Joker, played by Heath Ledger.

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Dec 27, 2009
10:34 pm

Hey man WOW. You and I have a LOT of similar taste. I’m surprised by how many good movies you’ve picked out. Great taste! There has been SO much crap lately.

Author Dec 28, 2009
8:01 pm
#2 admin :

it wasn’t too hard to come up with a list. there were a few great films amidst tons of crap.

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