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murmur DC Podcast: Episode 11 – Rosario

This week’s murmur DC Podcast comes from our friend Rosario, who brings us a stripped down, virgin beat matching mix.  There are no added effects, just the pure skill of blending deep grooves with sultry vibes.

ROSARIO, just quietly moving through DC’s techno underground venues and after~ hours, emerges into the different urban scenes by dropping key sets composed from tracks that are always digging deeper ignoring trendy labels or top producers. Rosario’s quest is to find the BEST TRACK AND DROOOP ITTT…

He has been playing with some of the best DJs in DC area as well as across the world, such as Navbox, Jubilee, Nicolas Jaar, Ida Engberg, DILO, Martin Landsky, Konrad Black, DJ T., and Jus Ed.

To learn more about Rosario, visit:

Posted by admin   @   16 December 2009
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