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Duy Tran – A Life of Photography, A Photography of Life

Post image of Duy Tran – A Life of Photography, A Photography of Life

I’ve been a fan of Duy Tran’s photography for quite some time now. It’s not just for his technical prowess of the craft, but also the sense of vibrant energy carried within everyday subjects. He’s made trips out to Jamaica and different parts of Asia where he was able to capture the pure essence of two cultures that are completely foreign to many of us. I had a chance to talk with Duy recently, not just about photography but life. He was in an accident which changed his life, suffering an injury that brought doubts into his art career and aspirations. Luckily for us, he recovered and even gained a heightened motivation for his art.

What do you try to portray in your photography?

Well, I look for poetry. It’s hard to put into words. It’s just something I react to emotionally, my childhood, struggles of humanity, happiness, it’s universal.

You’ve done both work in the studio and out in the field. Can you tell me about what you like about both?
They are the extreme opposites to me. I want to live my life facing my fears and overcoming them. It’s very difficult to shoot people, and I find a sense of adventure in it. In the documentary type shooting, I don’t want them to notice me. I feel like a spy being invisible. But in the studio… i don’t try to capture a truth. It’s more of trying to break a barrier with people and have an understanding and trust in my vision and craft

Is there a specific time when it became particularly challenging?
It’s always challenging, even when i know what I’m doing technical wise. I don’t want to repeat myself, yet I need to have a defining style. Even when it can be easy, I make it hard for myself. You know THIS is challenging, because I’m struggling with the extremes of my craft, studio vs. photo-documenting. I really try to mix my photo-documenting into my studio work. I describe situations to my subjects to think about, regurgitate how they interpret it, and not freeze for photos. Just keep moving.

Here’s a collection of his work from Jamaica and Asia. You can also see more of his work by visiting his website at

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great work duy!!!

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